Week in Review

I should be in bed reading, but instead I’m in bed staring at my computer screen, hoping I’ll start typing up a blog post.


Well, hello then. How are you. I’m cold.

It’s Saturday so I’m sort of eh-minded about whether or not I should get any actual writing done. It’s funny–you’d think the presence of Weekend would make me somehow more productive, but it’s actually often the opposite–my time isn’t at a premium on a weekend, so neither is my productivity. There are just too many opportunities for naps that must be seized. . . .

So I think I’ll write up a lil’ list of highlights of this week.

1. My friend Todd relented and lent me his copy of Donna Tartt’s new book, The Goldfinch, and I’m pretty friggin’ excited to read it (though I’ve hid my excitement by thus far only reading 23 pages . . . I know, I know.)

2. I learned that the band Coconut Records is Jason Schwartzman (maybe you’ve heard “West Coast“?). Is there nothing this man cannot marvelously do?

3. I swapped childhood memories of canned tuna fish with my friend Jennifer.

4. When my kids’ naps started and ended later today than I wanted, I thought my plans to get any yard work done were bust–but encouraged by the unfettered enthusiasm of a 6 and 2 year old, we all went out in the evening dim and had impromptu family bonding around a campfire after I raked up a pile of leaves for the kidpeople to jump in.

5. I threw myself headlong into an obsession with the band CHVRCHES. This marks my 5,742nd instance of becoming obsessed with a band.

That’s enough! I need to spend some QT with The Goldfinch before Todd wrests the novel away from me.

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