Let’s be clear: the only habits I have are bad ones.

  • Chewing my fingernails.
  • Staying up WAY TOO LATE.
  • Speaking before thinking (I’ve gotten better, but, man, sometimes . . . .)
  • Leaving crap lying around.
  • Not doing laundry.
  • Not doing dishes.
  • Losing my temper.
  • Gosh can I stop now

Here are my good habits:

  • Parking in the same spot every day at work. (Okay, I feel like that’s kind of neutral or maybe a “dumb habit.”)

So as you can see we have a lot to work with here.

Good start, Jackie.

Listen to me: the only thing I really want to cultivate in my life is a writing habit, and Think Kit is obnoxiously doing that for me. Every day, I wake up expecting to write. Every day, I don’t feel like “I’m done” until I have. It is valuable and horrible and wonderful, all at once. I am annoyed that I have to keep working working working–but you know what I mean, those of you who live and die by writing. It can feel like a hateful, awful experience. But it’s so f*cking wonderful when it’s over, when you step back from the dust and wipe the sweat and tears off your face and can behold whatever the heck it is you’ve made, even if it’s sort of shitty, because it’s YOURS.

That’s all I want for myself in 2014, in 2015, in every year for the rest of my tenure as a living human.

And then 10 more years as a zombie.

That’s a joke.

Go away. Go write something.

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