And There Was Much Laughter

Think Kit wants to know:

What made you laugh — when did you laugh out loud?

Think Kit! You crazy. When DIDN’T I LOL?

2013, as I have said in other posts, has basically been bananas, and that means there’s room for some zany. And if you ask the people who know me well, this girl, who likes to think of herself as a thoughtful and somewhat serious sort of human, also has QUITE the capacity for some guffawing. Not that exact noise, of course. But lots of LOLz. And one of my favorite new LOLz-guaranteed sources is “Just the Tips,” by best friends Katy and Katie.

My friend Jennifer told me about “Just the Tips” when she first saw it on The Hairpin. I can’t explain it without making it less funny, so, just, like, trust me, and, like, watch it. Please. Yes. You already love it. Just. Click. Play. It’s so easy. Go. Go. Gooooo.

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