It’s a Steady Job But You Want to be a Writing Prompt Writer

Way back when I was doing Think Kit ’13, my friend Sarah decided that she liked me blogging regularly so much that SHE wanted to create a list of prompts for me to work through, to keep me motivated and torturing everyone with my blog posts.

So she made up a great, cool, awesome, surprising, crazy, inspiring list.

And then I, in a major jerk move, completely forgot about said list. Gaaack.

I’m here to repent. And I’m here to write. Gonna be a Writing Prompt Writer.


Sarah’s List

  1. If aliens made contact with the earth, would they be helpful, harmful or apathetic? Would it be like the Hollywood blockbuster INDEPENDENCE DAY?
  2. Every rose has its thorn. Is this true? Is Poison the worst band in the history of rock and roll?
  3. Tell a story about the worst driving you have ever seen/experienced/done.
  4. When did you first truly appreciate your parents?
  5. The Industrial Revolution changed the face of the modern novel forever. Discuss, citing specific examples.
  6. What was the first book you read that you loved?
  7. What was the first band/song you heard that you loved?
  8. When did you know you wanted to marry your spouse?
  9. What was the most important thing you took with you from Mr. Wilson’s Advanced Comp and Lit class?
  10. What is your biggest regret about high school? College? Grad school?
  11. What’s one mundane life event that inspired a profound experience?
  12. What is this? A center for ants?
  13. What is the last movie you saw that caused you to feel differently about life?
  14. Where is the next place you want to travel?
  15. When was the last time you looked up at the stars?
  16. Tell a story about the first time you saw the ocean.
  17. Is Rocko’s Modern Life worth waking up at 5:30 am to watch? Who is your favorite character?
  18. When was the first time you felt like an adult?
  19. What is your name?
  20. What is your quest?
  21. What is your favorite color?
  22. What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  23. What was your biggest disappointment?
  24. Who is someone who made a fundamental difference in your life?
  25. What is your biggest accomplishment?
  26. What bands from the 1990s will always be remembered? 2000s? 2010s?
  27. Do you still feel the same way as you used to when you listen to “Slide” from the Goo Goo Dolls?
  28. What do you think about quotes and the people who use them?


I asked Sarah for a title for this prompt blogging ~experience~ and she said, “I’ve got one more prompt: What would you call this writing challenge?”


Sarah, I hope you’re ready for this.

Readers, I hope you’re ready for this. As I finish a post, I’ll add a link to it in the above list.

We set sail tomorrow. Oh, actually, thanks to my clairvoyance (not really) I already wrote #9. Check it out.

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