2015 in Review


  • Published a poem
  • Started my 100 Words writing project
  • Rented two movies at once from a Redbox in a probable snowstorm
  • Continued (over from Dec ’14) sewing purses for ca$h money
  • Experimented with midi rings


  • Upgraded the kids to a bunk bed!
  • Oliver raced “Science Car” at his Boy Scout pinewood derby
  • Bought a fitness tracker and got obsessed with Daily Steps Totals
  • Ate my once-yearly (and no fucking more) box of Chicken in a Biskit
  • Was featured on the Mother Artist Project
  • Netflix binged Broadchurch Season 1 to the detriment of my sleep


  • Took my purse making to the next level and launched Helen Bright
  • Went to Voices of the Middle West ’15 in Ann Arbor and basked in the glow of the brilliant Stuart Dybek
  • Refused to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day
  • Glutted myself on Purity Ring’s another eternity


  • Realized six years have passed since learning about Oliver’s food allergies
  • FaceTimed a lot with my magical niece, Violet
  • Enjoyed a spa-like hand steam treatment when I removed a warm Subway sandwich from its bag
  • Gardened ❤ ❤ ❤
  • Forgot to bring my headphones to the gym and had to listen to my own thoughts for over an hour
  • Sat on the porch with Margot and colored pictures


  • Celebrated two years with my amazing writing group!!! Developed the following possible WG tagline: “getting real not raggedy”
  • Played at Holliday Park with the kids every possible chance
  • The Back Troubles Began / Converted to Chiropractorism
  • My nephew was born!
  • Took an impulse trip to the Indiana Dunes
  • Sold Helen Bright bags at the Mother Artist Market at the Harrison Center for the Arts on First Friday
  • Authored this piece about another significant facet of my life


  • Discovered “Lifesaving” by David Shumate
  • Held A Pony Party // Margot turned 4
  • Oliver graduated from 1st grade and uttered wisdom after the candy-themed class awards: “But you know, Mommy, everyone should have gotten Nerds because everyone is a nerd about something.”
  • Saw Inside Out // cried all the tears
  • Oliver left town to spend the summer in Michigan
  • Sat for two hours on my front stoop in the dark, marveling at clouds that float across the sky and flowers that grow in the dark
  • The Radio Dept. made music magic with the Laura Palmer theme
  • Monkeyed around with clean eating
  • Learned to throw an atl atl
  • Found out that you can make meringue from chickpea liquid
  • Ate the most perfect nectarine
  • Completed the Very Important Life Goal of reading every Poorly Drawn Lines comic


  • It was once in a blue moon
  • Oliver started 2nd grade! Lockers!
  • Quit FB for half a month bc depression
  • Waterskied! Sort of!
  • Lost weight while clean eating for nearly a month; gave it up anyway
  • Took that Buzzfeed Check Your Privilege quiz thing and learned my privilege was quite in check
  • Margot held her first runway show at a 4th of July party (sidewalk runway)


  • Climbed a tree with Oliver
  • Consumed a popsicle
  • Took a part-time job at Marian University tutoring writing students
  • Margot started pre-K (sobbing)
  • “Tokishaunish”–Margot said Pocahontas
  • Oliver ate his first-ever-in-his-life bowl of dairy macaroni and cheese
  • Went on the Butler University High Ropes Course in a stupid, stupid, stupid attempt to Stretch Myself and Grow as a Person (terrifying)
  • Dyed my hair red bc “why not”
  • Celebrated nine years of marriage


  • Defied the convention of resumes, made a silly Google Slides presentation to submit instead and landed myself a sweet new job
  • Covered my fridge in decorative contact paper
  • Accepted the existence of Halloween and purchased a light-up ghost for my porch
  • Mourned the loss of Catherine Coulson (“the Log Lady”)
  • Supermoon
  • Took a nap on my porch
  • Ate a bag of caramel creams (one day)
  • Margot included “going to writing group” in her imagination play
  • Roadtripped with my mom to WV to meet my niece Violet
  • Went to the Colts v. Bengals at Lucas Oil Stadium (Colts lost, womp womp)


  • Received a lecture from Margot about everyone’s “mean finger” and why I shouldn’t use it
  • Went public with my love of candy corn
  • Turned 32 years old/young // bought an old/vintage ring at Midland to celebrate
  • Oliver and Margot made clay pumpkins at the Fountain Square Clay Center (and charmed fellow clay pumpkin classmates in the meantime)
  • Oliver turned 8 and officially declared his intention to work for NASA (or possibly SpaceX) someday
  • A quiz circulating FB confirmed, yet again, that I am an INTJ
  • Oliver passed his egg food challenge and wiped another food allergy off his list
  • Queen Elsa and the Ninja trick-or-treated the crap out of our neighborhood, ensuring pre-diabetes for everyone in our family


  • Baked my first persimmon pudding
  • Mourned the unwanted end of my marriage
  • Dreaded the holidays
  • Posted a lot about my gratitude for my children and family and friends
  • Discovered Nathan For You
  • Took it one day at a time
  • Was constantly lifted up by people showing me that they care about my life and that though I may feel alone, I’m not
  • Changed my profile picture to an Etch-A-Sketch drawing of me with a cat on my head


  • Bought and trimmed the ol’ Christmas tree, this year at my dad and stepmom’s, where I now live
  • Binged Broadchurch Season 2
  • Received a Hello Kitty sticker from a random little girl in Target
  • Made cut-out cookies and caramel corn
  • Celebrated the one year anniversary of Margot making an art installation out of a cat blanket and some cat pillows at the house of friends
  • Learned I’d spent 39,000 minutes in 2015 listening to Spotify (27 days!!)
  • Ate Chinese buffet on Christmas
  • Went to the Fashion Mall the day after Christmas (idiot)
  • Ate my first Casey’s General Store pizza in 14 years (since leaving Iowa)
  • Decided all I could do was try to claim my life and make the best of it
  • Looked forward to starting over in 2016

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox. Today’s prompt: Your 2015, reviewed–Give us the 30,000 foot view. Or, hone in on a few highlights. Let’s bring last year to life before moving on to what’s ahead.

2 Replies to “2015 in Review”

  1. I loved your lists! Great combination of the small, big, funny and serious. Nathan For You is brilliant. Have you seen “Smoker’s Allowed”? One of the best pieces of TV ever.

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