People Who See

I can’t recommend personal crisis. 😉

Recent life has left me debilitated, uncertain, emotionally strung out. At its freshest, I was convinced I would not survive an hour, much less a day, of the pain. The next moment and the next moment and the next moment were unfathomable.

I have felt like a ghost, relegated to seeing something that I used to have but not be able to touch it or change it.

Recast as translucent. Unseen.

But, there are always people who see.

I can’t recommend crisis but I can speak with wonder and gratitude about the way people rise to meet it with you.

People I’ve been out of contact with for months and years have shown up in my email, my FB chat window, my mailbox.

People who are new to my life and barely know me have turned over hours of their lives to letting me speak about what’s happening, how I feel.

Just to remind me that I haven’t disappeared. Just to remind me by virtue of the reaching out, the listening, that I still exist in a way that seems removed for a moment from me, slightly out of my sightline.

Just for the gossip. Just kidding.

Thanks for your freaky drum circle of love and friendship, people out there. You warm my heart and gross me out with your caring. ❤

You’ve pulled me back into visibility.

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox. Today’s prompt: What new circles have you formed? Any unexpected ones? Did you start a book club or hang out in a tea yurt? Maybe you re-upped with existing friends. Explore your kumbaya moment from 2015.



One Reply to “People Who See”

  1. This is inspiring. I’m getting ready to go through some shit myself. I’ve had a glimmer of this and I hope it continues.

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