Caring for What’s Close

At certain moments in your life you may find you don’t want to be able to dream about the future.

…which seems like a crazy thing to say.

We all love to dream.


Dreaming about the future seems to be the preferred pastime of many.

It is the one thing we can retain.

It is the thing we can pin our hopes on, even when everything is lousy.

It is that hope.

Who knows. Who knows what can happen.

It’s an intoxicant.

The who knows.

Thinking that literally any thing could be around the next corner.

Or the next one.

Okay, or the next one…

I’m sure that it’s here, just keep going…

Oh wait we’ve now just circled the block and nothing’s different but maybe we’ll go on a bit more…

Yeah, just a bit more…

I’m sure it’s…



+ + +

I have found myself at a moment of my life when I am apprehensive about dreaming about what the future might hold. As much as I want to look forward, and am in a way desperate to do so, I am also afraid of dreaming becoming a knee-jerk reaction.

Dreaming as flight from dealing with why I am where I am.

+ + +

I want to think less about what has been done to me and instead think about what I can do.

So I am taking care of the things I can take care of. I am keeping my focus close, on my kids. Beyond that, I am looking up slightly to the other things I value: my still-new job that thrills me so much. My remarkable friends. My personal fitness. And the mental wellness that comes to me when I write.

This is my plan for 2016. It is no bigger. If it grows beyond that, I’ll consider it a bonus. For now I have to take care of what’s close.

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox. Today I took a prompt lifeline: Fast forward to the end of 2016. What will be different? What will you have accomplished?

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