The cool thing about being the boss faciltator of the #writerly program is I get to gently nudge people toward types of writing that excite me. And so today is that: a reflection in ~100 words.

Every Monday something happens: either the kids leave or they arrive. This is the pattern of co-parenting, our version of trying to do what’s best.

Every Monday is loud—the running around of two people gathering up and reassembling what sloughed off them as they wove and looped through a week at Mom’s in readiness for repeating this exercise at Dad’s. Or the other way, as they explode through the front door and say guess what and can you believe and set down and unspool what they picked up moments before so they could shift from one place to another. Nomads, somehow, despite having two homes.

Today’s prompt: Write about today. Edit down what you’ve written so that it’s only 100 words (give or take 10%).

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