New Things

Yesterday, something wonderful happened: a friend and another friend and a couple of new friends and I got together at my house for a couple hours in hopes that we could turn ourselves from Semi-Random Collection of People into Writing Group. And by the end of it — with most thanks to my really annoying poetry writing prompt (ha, ha–maybe not) — we were. We are. And I’m very excited.

I suppose there can be many reasons to form a writing group, but for us, it seems, on the whole, we need from each other a bit of ass-kicking. The phrase “ball busting” was used more than once. And I’ll own it–I’m prone to dicking around (what with all the male genitalia examples, Jackie?). So I’m ecstatic to have a new crew of made-to-order abusers who know just how to berate and guilt and shame me into writing action. Into art, I hope, if all goes well.

Alternately, there’s art to inspire art. Writing Group member Drew DeBoy posted this video to our group FB page today, and its message couldn’t be any clearer: “Stop making excuses and make art.”

No excuses (today, at least).  Lookit, Group, I blogged!

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