Start Your Engines for Blogcember

Start your engines…and other obnoxious racing phrases, all allowable because I’m a full time resident of mother effing Indianapolis, people. 

Do you know what’s CRAZY? How much I hesitate to sit down to blog on my blog. Why? Because I’m worried about what I might say…on my blog. Myyyy blogggg. Bananas. I have got to get over that. It’s not like this blog has a theme. This is just Jackie, being Jackie in front of, like, the entire literate world–and you know what, I’m told I do that anyway. That I’m the sort of person that is just SO ME, all the time, heart on my sleeve, totally transparent, etc. and blah blah blah.

So why should my blog be any different? That’s right, it shouldn’t.

So this post is me cracking my knuckles, rolling my head around, revving my engine or whatever, loosening up for December when I’ve committed to daily blogging as a part of Smallbox’s Think Kit project. And I am totally all about this because its main premise is that anyone can blog. A.k.a. anyone can write–or anyone can feel they are ~allowed~ to write. And I have always believed in that, in access. In the ability to own one’s thoughts through writing.

So be allowed! Allow! Allow yourself to write a crappy blog post, like this one! This one with barely a point! And I’m some kind of professional writer or something!

Oh, and, keep up with me all through December as I try to ride out 2013 in style. This year has kind of sucked, and maybe taking a month to reflect on some schtuff will help me come out on top in the end. Down, 2013, down. 

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