Think Kit, Day 15. Handwrite something. Here’s a tweet!

Took a bathroom break detour today, and this occurred to me.

Took a bathroom break detour today, and the above occurred to me. In case you can’t read my slovenly handwriting, this says . . .
Workplace hazard: using the standard flush toilet on 1 when you’re used to the auto-flushers on 4.
Oh, and, no, I didn’t forget. BUT THE RISK IS REAL. Is it too much to ask that an office building pick ONE type of toilet to install?


2 thoughts on “A Tweet I Would Probably Never Tweet–Let Me Put It on My Blog

  1. Aren’t you conditioned to the sound of the flush though? Is there really any danger? When the air pressure changes in the winter, and the gentle tug of the front door that I practiced all summer, and that used to be enough to shut it without slamming it, suddenly isn’t enough any more, I notice. I always immediately turn around and shut it. The cat doesn’t sneak out. The cat in this scenario represents a doodie. Am I right? But I still think it’s a neat observation though. Good job.

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