Hold Steady

My phone is always telling me how much time it is to a place I’m not. Example: I just arrived at work. My phone is now telling me it’s 19 minutes (including a 1 minute delay) to home.

But this is easy enough to ignore–thinking of leaving, thinking of being somewhere else because I KNOW when I’ll get to leave work for home later today. Stillness is easy when the time for motion is known. I can be focused and purposeful, knowing how time is being subdivided into This and That. It is time for This. I can easily wait for That, knowing that it will come.

This year, I discovered how necessary it is to be content with stillness in the face of the unknown, which can be an awkward lesson for someone like me who likes to 1. gather the necessary information and 2. act. I don’t like feeling like I’ve been incapacitated by a situation, or made to do something by default.

But I have realized–I have discovered–that stillness can be a choice, just as much as action is. And there is power in that, even if it appears like a powerless position. It is choosing to hold steady.


This post is part of Think Kit by Smallbox. Today’s prompt: What did you discover this year? Was it accidental or on purpose? What did you learn?

3 Replies to “Hold Steady”

  1. I’ve always found stillness travelling to and from a location. No matter how long the journey is or where I am going the act of moving towards something has a calming ability. Waiting for something on the other hand is a different story! Hopefully I, too, can choose to hold steady! Great post!

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