Random Conversation 2: I’ve Been Niced

Think Kit, Day 18. (My goodness, December is going quickly!)

Prompt: Nice someone! Whether it’s a gift, a helping hand, moral support, or just doing something for someone else – write about what you did.

Let me just say this up front: I’m not going to be able to write about myself in this post. I believe that I am a person who does good for others, but I don’t want to be the one to tell you that. Instead, let me tell you about how my friend Sarah lifted me up today when I was feeling like absolute crap.

Just before 10 p.m., I heard the bloop of a Gmail chat coming in.

Sarah: Hey hey.
Sarah: What is this Think Kit thing anyway? What is the dealio?
Jackie: http://www.thinkkit.org. It was started two years ago by a local marketing company called Smallbox. And it’s just supposed to be a month of inspiration and motivation to write. And a community of sharing.
S: I want to give you writing prompts.
J: Haha.
S: Staring in January, after this is done.
J: I would probably like that.
S: By the way, I totally quoted Robin Hood: Men in Tights today and completely thought of you.
J: Git it girl. Good job.
S: 🙂 I’ll start thinking of the writing prompts.
J: Make a Google doc.
S: And you can choose whether or not you wish to write it.
J: Does this mean you’ve been READING????
S: Of course!
J: Bc I was about to kill myself bc I don’t think anyone cares.*
S: Not all of them because my life is too crazy busy.
J: I hope you read the best ones.
S: They are all the best ones.
J: Haha, thanks.
S: I feel like a creep now, though, reading your blog.
J: No. I want you to creep on my blog. PLEASE DO IT SOME MORE.
S: Hahahahahahahaha. Okay, that makes it decidedly less creepy, since I am invited.
J: Invite all your friends.
S: Halloweenhead** can’t read. 😦
J: Invite your enemies! Bums on the street! Hey–can I post this conversation on my blog? Bc it fits the post I need to write*** today, and I was feeling QUITE grumpy prior to receiving your message.

From there we went on to make several jokes from The Good Old Days of high school, and I left the conversation feeling that 1. what I have been doing lately  matters to someone and 2. it matters enough that that someone cares enough to be involved in its continuation.

That’s more than nice. That’s amazing. Hearts to you, Sarah! You made my day.


*Dark humor. Not a real concern.
**Sarah’s kitty cat.
***Lie. It fits the post I WANT to write.

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