Unintentional Bucket List

Day 19! Think Kit asks, If money, time or other commitments were no obstacle in 2014, what would you do? Describe your vision!

What would I do?? What wouldn’t I do!

1. Quit my job, obvi. Nothing personal, Job, but if money’s no object, I’m out. Then I could stay home and write write write write till my fingers fall off and my brain drips out of my ears. I’d eat out every night and hire a housekeeper so I could ignore functional life tasks and focus on the drivel that lives in my brain without my family suffering too much.

2. When I need a break from writing, I’d go to a ton of concerts. Since money is no object, I’d fly to Minneapolis to attend most of them with my music bestie, or we could meet up at some far off or exotic location to take in sights AND sounds. And I’d DEFINITELY make sure I’d have tix in hand for Doomtree’s Blowout 10. (What’s that? you say. Oh, nothing major . . . just three days of explosive music from the most impressive musical collective in the Midwest/anywhere.)

3. I’d take my family on an amazing vacation or 10. I want to show my kids London and its notable sites, including the spot in Trafalgar Square where Mommy and Daddy got engaged. I’d go to Roland Garros so I could see Rafael Nadal tear it up on the clay courts. I’d go back to Portland. No, better: I’d buy a second house in downtown PDX and visit for a week every month.

4. I should have moved this one up because it’s really important to me but I’ll let it ride where it is, that notation made: I’d pass all the buckets of money I apparently now have over to my husband so he can make his coffee roasting biz dreams come true. That man has sacrificed so much for me, and it’s his turn.

5. I’d get my Writing Group together and we’d start hosting a low-key, awesome reading series here in Indy. Oh wait–this IS going to happen next year. Stay tuned, writers and fans of writing alike.

Did I accidentally make a bucket list? Wealthy patron–find me. I’m a good investment. And fun. Like, way.

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