Think Kit, Day 24. (Happy Christmas Eve!)

What are you grateful for this year? 



Seriously, everything.

I am grateful for (insert every good thing here). I am also grateful for (insert every challenging/unpleasant/unhappy thing here.) And the reason is, is because it’s my life. Every thing that has happened has been an important part of making me who I am. Each person I have met. Every up. Every down. Everything in between. I couldn’t be who I am at this moment without all of these things. And I’m grateful to be who I am.

That said, there are a few specific things from this year for which I’d like to express specific gratitude.

1. Achieving a new level of honesty and connection with my parents, and, thus, a more profound understanding of the complexity of the human condition.

2. My amazing writing group and their unwavering support and encouragement.

3. Bree, who listened without judging and helped me when I was at my lowest low earlier this year.

4. Every friend of mine who has spared time and energy to make me laugh when I needed to be shaken out of a funk, or who offered prayers of support, or who took the time to affirm me.

Annnddd now I feel like I’m giving an award speech.

If you’re out there, if you’re reading–I’m grateful for you, too. You don’t have to give me your time, and you have. Thank you! The happiest of holidays to you, dear readers!

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